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Comprehensive Dentistry Today, Smiles Tomorrow!


Your smile says everything about you before you say one word. It is an emotion, a sense of well being and confidence that radiates from within. You can present your best self rito the world just by smiling, laughing, and living a joyful life….what could be better than that? At Arch Dental, we work hard to make sure you have all the education and resources needed to make decisions on getting and maintaining your beautiful smile for a life time! One of the ways we do that is by using Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry.

What is Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry?

Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry allows us to elevate all aspects of our patients health and well being. As we have learned more and more about the many links between oral health and that of the whole body, we have become ever more passionate about treating our patients as whole individuals, not just as teeth. Improving someone’s smile improves their outlook, and their self esteem. It can literally make their life better. That makes us very happy!

How Does Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry Work?

Our team at Arch Family Dental has a very systematic approach established that allows us to predictably assess and evaluate our patients’ oral health and the links between it and their overall health and well being. These systems allow our outcomes to be very predictable for both us and most importantly, for our patients. When a Smile Design is planned, they can see where they’re going to end up and make certain that their new smile is exactly what they’ve always wanted.This approach has allowed us to care for our patients in a more thorough way, partnering with them to help them reach the very highest level of health that they desire.

We go the extra steps to make sure that not only is your new smile going to look great, but it will FEEL great and last a very long time! We also make sure that any other health concerns you have, like teeth grinding, snoring, or even sleep apnea are addressed and their root causes determined. Long term teeth grinding, which is often associated with snoring and eventually sleep apnea, can cause incredible destruction to the teeth. This destruction can be addressed and the teeth restored through our systematic comprehensive approach.

How Does Comprehensive Esthetic Dentistry Help Your Patients?

As we have already mentioned, comprehensive esthetic dentistry helps patients be an active participant in their health and make informed decisions with a clear understanding of the outcome of different avenues of treatment. There is also a financial benefit to being proactive in dealing with any issues that show up in your oral health while they are still small issues instead of waiting for big problems to develop. Like everything, dentistry has changed a great deal in recent years. We can now show patients what is going on in their mouths and allow them to be truly involved with every step of the decision making process so that the care they receive is exactly the care they desire.

Nothing feels better than owning a beautiful smile. Watching our patients’ smiles, faces, and entire bodies come alive when they look in the mirror at their new smile and love what they see is the most rewarding thing we can imagine!

Dr. Harnish and his team are excited to help you get and maintain the smile of your dreams for a lifetime! Call us today at 701-235-6075 to schedule your appointment!